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What's New...

What's New?

Irie Books has been busy!

We ‐ Lorry, Gerry & Mariah ‐ have posted many new, independently published books on our new site.

These range in subject matter from the healing ways of the Q’ero Indians of the Andes to the amazing careers of the champions of tennis … and from the doctors and scientists who have pioneered human eyesight to another level to the historical autobiography of a great resistance fighter from WW II ‐ these modern day classics have come out in the last 10 years and are finding new readers every day.


Our books are now published in association with Ingram and are they are available worldwide thanks to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and of course Ingram Library.

We presently have four books in the process of publication and a few more that will be ready in 2018.

Thanks to authors who tour, do signings, and are frequently in the blogosphere and on social media, as well as international television, we have enjoyed a larger reading audience, which keeps growing, thanks to all of you.

Please check us out at: